Colour the World, Love the Planet

Elevate your art and give the gift of creativity through these luxurious, premium-quality pencils that are more than just a tool – they're an experience waiting to be shared. 

Introducing JellyCo's Woodless Coloured Pencils, where creativity knows no bounds and sustainability takes centre stage. 

Each pencil embodies our commitment to quality, ensuring you a premium, long-lasting, and hard to break tool that will be impossible to outuse. With rich, strong pigments, these woodless coloured pencils make your artwork come to life! Say goodbye to messy hands – our pencils are designed to offer you a mess-free creative experience. What sets us apart is the versatility they bring to your artistry – you can use any end or side of the pencil, allowing you to explore a multitude of techniques. 

Whether you choose our convenient tins of 12 or 24 pencils, JellyCo's Woodless Coloured Pencils are not just a purchase; they're a statement of your commitment to both quality and sustainability.