How it all began...

In January 2022, Neo and Anja, aged 10 and 8 years old, expressed an interest in learning how to run business and save up for items they wanted to buy.

We saw this as an opportunity to teach our kids about more than just finances.

Initially, we looked at making baby silicon toys - but after researching the market we discovered it was saturated and we wanted to sell products that were planet-friendly as well as fun!

So we got thinking what was a problem we could solve? We knew we needed something unique.

We created JellyCo to ensure that artists of all levels and all ages could enjoy a high quality product that didn’t involve the use of wood/trees.

JellyCo’s products are long lasting, bright, feels great to use and our kids are actively involved of all aspects of the business, learning skills for a lifetime!

Woodless pencils