Pencils haven’t changed in forever... until now

3 x Longer Lasting

The entire pencil is made of a non-toxic blend of graphite and clay named "lead" - similar to a crayon - you can use every side of it, making the service life 3 times that of ordinary pencils.

They have 7.2mm leads
yielding 4 times the lead as ordinary wooden pencils therefore it's like getting 96 pencils for the price of 24!

Brighter Pigments

Highly pigmented primary colours that easily blend to provide a practically endless colour palette.

The quality of the lead used is significantly stronger in colour & more durable than common brands.

Less Sharpening

Have you been shocked by how much of your pencils are wasted through constant resharpening of thin broken leads?

With this you can use all sides to colour, point, flat side etc.

No special sharpener required.

Environmentally Friendly!

These pencils have no wood in them, no trees are cut down to make them!

Choose from Eco-friendly cylindrical cardboard carrying tubes that fit into a pocket or backpack for easy travel or a
Reusable durable tin.

Colour the world, love the planet

JellyCo Pencils are not your average pencil. They are weighted beautifully, don’t leave a trace on your hands and are made for adults who enjoy colouring, not just artists!

Founded by a Kiwi family who keep the environment in mind every decision they make, JellyCo’s mission is to replace the ordinary with woodless innovation, avoiding the sharpening waste typical pencils create. 

These pencils last a long time (in fact no-one has ever finished one to the end…) giving you many opportunities for relaxation and moments of calm out of your busy day” 🌟🖍️

Crafted for creativity, JellyCo’s long lasting and bright colour pencils foster mindful moments and relaxation for artists of all abilities  🌈

Long Lasting + Bright