Questions from our customers

What makes our business special

We are a business run by kids just like you! We are brother & sister Neo (10) Anja (8) Even though we have school and sports & social lives, we love learning new things & we will always make time for our business and making our customers happy.

Will my hands get messy?

Not at all! Our pencils are coated in a special luxury feel lacquer so no pigment will get on your hands

I am an adult who enjoys art, are JellyCo pencils right for me?

Yes! Our pencils are for artists
of all ages who enjoy high quality tools

How do we ship products?

Because of our busy schedules we ship our products two times a week, on Mondays and Thursdays our super smart website system will let you know once your order has been filled & is on its way.

What is unique about your pencils?

Our pencils are super cool! They don't have a wooden outside like ordinary pencils. Instead, they are made entirely of special graphite lead and have a fancy paint finish.

Are the pencils fragile?

Yes, our pencils are delicate because of their unique design. If you drop them on a hard surface, they might break. But don't worry, unlike ordinary pencils, you can still use them even if they break. Just be careful when handling them!

Can I sharpen these pencils?

Absolutely! You can use a regular sharpener to sharpen our pencils. You'll see that there won't be many shavings.

How long can I use the pencils?

You can keep using our pencils until they become a tiny nub. They don't need sharpening unless you want a sharp tip for colouring with precision.

How durable are the pencils?

Our pencils are super durable. We have tested against all our competitors & our pencils last three times longer then any others on the market!

A fun tip to make them last extra long is when they get down to the nub you can tape them or use a paper straw to make the nubs longer!

How do these pencils help the environment?

Our pencils are eco-friendly! Since they last longer, you won't need to buy new ones as often. That means we save trees and reduce waste from making wooden pencils.

Do the pencils have vibrant colours?

Absolutely! Our pencils have amazing colours. They have more pigment than regular pencils, so the colours are bright and intense.

What about the "lead" in the pencil?

Guess what? The "lead" in our pencils isn't actually made of lead. It's a special mix of graphite and clay. That means it's safe for you to use and works great!